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Beginners questions answered

Q: What should I wear as a beginner?

A: If you’ve done a martial art before and have a white gi, this is fine. Otherwise a T-shirt and track suit bottom that is comfortable to train in is suitable for your first few weeks. Removing all jewellery and piercings will also keep yourself and others safe.

Q: What about Club Membership?

A: Initially club membership is not required until you have sampled at least two lessons. Two classes is often sufficient for you to realise whether Aikido is an art you will enjoy learning. After having tried a couple of classes you will be required to obtain full membership.

Membership is a necessary requirement for your Insurance as well as obtaining your official Club Membership Book for grading and courses. Insurance is obtained via your Club and the British Aikido Board. You are more than welcome to come and watch before you practise. Our friendly club members will be pleased to see you and our instructors are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

It is FREE to watch a lesson although your experience on the mat as a participant will give you a better insight into what Aikido is all about.

Q: Do you have to be fit to train in Aikido?

Naturally, it is advisable to seek medical advice if you've had any previous medical condition.

Aikido is an effective way to develop your core, flexibility, and improve your overall general fitness. It is suitable for everybody, so there is no need to worry about being fit before you start.

For Experienced Practioners:

Q: Can I practice if I'm from another Aikido association?

The NIA Aikido Club welcomes all enquiries regardless of your martial art background or physical ability. We especially welcome other practicing Akidoka with whom we can share our learning experience, skill and time in the dojo.

Please check our Aikido class details for times of all training sessions.


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Frequently asked questions